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About Me

I am an environmentally concerned experimental photographer based in London who works with both analogue and digital mediums. Inspired by organic form, texture and abstraction, my practice explores the unpredictability and uncontrollability of nature, and often looks to find the beauty in destruction. Through my work, I present unseen perspectives of the natural world that offer viewers new ways of seeing and allow them to perceive the micro details within it that are usually invisible to the naked eye. As I work with materials that produce uncertain outcomes, creating each of my pieces is a process of trial and error, where fortunate strokes of serendipity are patiently awaited and errors are embraced. My latest pieces, which result from me searching for ways of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, document my exploration into how traditional art supplies interact and chemically react with household substances.

Originally from the North West of England, I moved to London in 2017 to study a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Visual Media at the University of the Arts London. During my placement year, I completed an internship in downtown Los Angeles at The School of Light under the instruction of the photographer Andrew Hall, which is where my passion for cameraless photography was ignited.

Group Shows

2022 BLEACHED, God's House Tower, Southampton 

2022 Alternative Narratives, Alternative Processes, Online

2022 Light in Darkness, Artdoc Magazine, Online

2022 Photograd Online Gallery

2021 Future Ecologies, 67 35th Street, New York

2021 ECO, URSA Gallery, Bridgeport

2021 FT Global Gallery: COP26 Edition, Financial Times, Online

2021 #CreateCOP26, Art Partner, Online

2021 Experimental Photography, Artdoc Magazine, Online

2021 VICE UK Graduate Showcase, Photo Book Cafe, London

2021 TSDAP’s New Graduates: 2021 Edition, Artsy, Online

2021 University of the Arts London Graduate Showcase, Online

2019 SOL 5th Anniversary, The School of Light, Los Angeles

2019 Kubrick: Scene Stealer Editions, Forever Beta, London


2022 Halogénure Magazine Issue #09

2022 PGZ721, Photograd

2022 Aeonian Magazine Issue #06

2021 Tied to Light Collective Vol. 1

2021 TSDAP’s New Graduates Catalogue: 2021 Edition


2022 First Place Category Winner, Fine Art Photography Awards

2022 Honourable Mention, Annual Photography Awards 2021

2022 Honourable Mention, 17th Pollux Awards

2021 Third place, #CreateCOP26, Art Partner

2021 Shortlisted, Global Design Graduate Show in collaboration with GUCCI, Arts Thread

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